The 50 Best Quotes From 2014 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity

With another festival almost over, Cannes Lions continues to capture the intersection of entertainment, business, culture and advertising. The festival has hosted an amazing range of speakers — here are some of the standout quotes from this year via the Huffington Post


“More than ever before, culture is defined by mass society. Our job as marketers is to nurture it.” -@gannon_jones – Head of Brand Marketing at MillerCoors.

“The last person I ever want working for me is someone who says ‘that’s not in my job description.” – @neiltyson – Astrophysicist

“Building great brands is a mix of magic and logic, a blend of art and science.” – @keithweed – Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Unilever

“Creativity can be described as letting go of certainties.” – Gail Sheehy – Author

“Rule of storytelling: When a character is shoved against a wall, shove them against a wall harder.” – Aaron Sorkin – Writer

“The heart knows today what the mind will learn tomorrow.” – @ThamKhaiMeng – Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy & Mather

“Be Willing To Get Fired For A Good Idea.” – Spike Jonze – Director

“You have to be able to swim in backlash.” – @kanyewest

“Silence is not an option in a socially networked world.” – Wendy Clark @wnd – Coca-Cola Marketing Chief

“With a lot of firsts comes a lot of pressure.” – David Wise – Olympic Gold Medalist

“There’s never been such a premium on creativity. It must cut be used to cut through the clutter.” – @keithweed – Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Unilever

“To achieve longevity you will have cycles. No one gets there in one straight shot.” – @RobLowe – Actor

“The key is not in using technology for efficiency, but to create emotion to move people.” – Yasu Sasaki – Executive Creative Director at Dentsu

“Think like a marketer. Behave like an entertainer. Move like a tech startup.” – PJ Pereira – Chief Creative Officer at Pereira & O’Dell

“If we start expecting women to lead, we won’t be surprised when they do.” – @sherylsandberg – COO Facebook

“Sport brings together the best values we have as human beings.” – Marcello Serpa – Creative

“People who are winning will love you. People who are losing will hate you. Both are opportunities.” – Ash Bendelow – Managing Director of Brave

“In fashion you have an inbuilt connection with a brand so content is not disruptive/invasive.” – @pulsefilms

“Whether you work in social, mobile or data you need to step back & think about how to simplify” – @keithweed – Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Unilever

“No one is dumb who is curious.” -@neiltyson – Astrophysicist

“I hire people not roles. Limiting creativity to ‘creatives’ limits everyone. Set ideas free.” – Michael Lebowitz – Big Spaceship

“Tell me the truth! Make my life more interesting or leave me the f**k alone.” – JaredLeto

“Move from ‘marketing to people’, to ‘marketing with people’.” – @keithweed – Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Unilever

“If all you have is your work, your work eventually suffers. You need to have work/life balance.” @RobLowe – Actor

“We are all born creative. We just got it educated out of us.” -@ThamKhaiMeng – Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy & Mather

“If you don’t make mistakes you’re no longer on the frontier. The mistakes you make should be mistakes no one has ever made before.” – @neiltyson – Astrophysicist

“Brands have positing and very often not a point of view.” – David Alberts – MOFILM

“Don’t tell a little girl she’s bossy. Tell her she has executive leadership skills.” – Sheryl Sandberg – COO Facebook

“We know that dreams fuel innovation.” – Bertrand Piccard – Co Pilot at Solar Impulse

“Brands are selling our self-esteem back to us, through association. We need to own our brands.” – Kanye West

“When advertising is great, it’s transcendent. It’s art.” -@JaredLeto

“I veer away from trying to understand why I act. I just know I need to do it.” – Ralph Fiennes – Actor

“Would I want to receive a one to one message from a brand, product or service that I like? Absolutely!” – @sherylsandberg – COO Facebook

“When you’re feeling overwhelmed in business, one smart idea can beat the biggest Super Bowl ad.” – Courtney Love

“Write what makes you laugh not what you think will make someone else laugh.” – @Aiannucci – Writer/Director

“The intersection between linear storytelling and social engagement is the next big thing.” – Jeffrey Katzenberg – CEO of DreamWorks Animation

“Speed trumps perfection.” – Wendy Clark @wnd – Coca-Cola Marketing Chief

“The bridge between reality and a dream is work.” – @JaredLeto

“Social is the gateway for what to watch and when.” – @MakerStudios

“We are the creatives with teeth. We know ideas are more important than our personal wellbeing.” -@kanyewest

“The new role of agencies is designers of narrative spaces for brands.” – @Sid_Aarki – CEO of Aarki

“I like to judge on the jealousy factor.” – Promo Lions Juror

“We produce 15 percent of the content. Consumers produce 85 percent.” – Wendy Clark @wnd – Coca-Cola Marketing Chief

“An important part of a work relationship is shared values: What is authentically you and what is authentically us?” – @SteveStoute – Translation

“We need to push the envelope by creating more immersive non-linear stories.” – @gastonleg – Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at SapientNitro

“There would have been no Beats deal without [Jay Z’s] Samsung deal.”– Kanye West

“Stop making ads! Start making content!” – @erin_mcpherson – Chief Content Officer at Maker Studios

“We have to do work that matters. It’s not more, it’s more GOOD.” – Wendy Clark @wnd – Coca-Cola Marketing Chief

“Creativity is not a verb but a noun. Let’s stop activities and processes and focus on actually making creative things.” – RP Kumar – EVP International Strategic Planning at Ketchum

“Do really, really well in the important things. Not in all.” – Ash Bendelow

“I built a career on volunteering for the hard stuff.” – Maryam Banikarim – CMO at Gannet


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