Our Legacy

We asked Ran, from the store’s team, to detail his reverence for the Swedish fashion label, Our Legacy. We chose Dublin’s Hugh Lane Gallery as the shoot’s location and shot on 35mm for a more personal perspective into some of Ran’s favourite styles for the AW18 season.

Our Legacy:

“Growing up under the huge influence of my mother, whose wardrobe is basically a showcase of shades of white, grey, and black, I instantly found the Our Legacy brand visually appealing for its simplistic and casual design. What attracted me more was a pair of white Mono runners from the brand’s footwear collection. They looked so different from any other shoe I had seen at that time.

I first came across Our Legacy when I moved from Glasgow to London in the summer of 2014. The London store is set in a very low key street in Soho. Shortly after visiting that store, I spent a weekend in Berlin. In the two stores I visited, SOTO and Voo Store (both very successful and contemporary concept stores in their own right), I saw Our Legacy being featured. It really encouraged me to start to try on pieces and shoes out of sheer curiosity. I immediately became a fan of the brand.

The way I try and introduce OL to some of my closest friends, many of whom have become huge fans soon after, is to simply describe it as a “you have to try it on” brand. Simple, casual, timeless design that makes people who wear it feel comfortable is much harder than it looks. I love how the brand is never really trendy. Throughout these years of meeting people who love and wear it in London, Glasgow, Stockholm, Copenhagen, New York, Dublin, etc., I notice that there has never been an age, body shape or style limitation to whoever adorns it.

Season to season, I gradually find that by wearing Our Legacy, it relaxes me and makes me almost unaware of what I am in a way. For me, the brand is never something that is dressing me. It gives me the ability to present myself without drawing too much on my choice of clothing and the freedom to invest more time in finding my identity in other aspects of life.”

























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