MasterCard Re-Design

Over the last few weeks, MasterCard revealed a redesign of its consumer-facing logo, the first in 20 years. The way we buy and pay for things has changed dramatically in the past two decades ago—think about the proliferation of payment platforms like PayPal, Venmo, and Apple Pay. While MasterCard has evolved with the times by introducing digital products and creating new technology for credit card payment systems, its logo—two intersecting circles with a wordmark superimposed—was stuck in the 1990s. To create an identity system that could simplify and clarify the brand to the millions of people around the world who use its services, MasterCard brought on the esteemed design firm Pentagram.

Via FastcoDesign


3061799-slide-13-mastercard-gets-its-first-new-logo-in-20-years 3061799-slide-10-mastercard-gets-its-first-new-logo-in-20-years 3061799-inline-14-mastercard-gets-its-first-new-logo-in-20-years



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