Jameson Black Barrel | Select Reserve

Great whiskeys don’t just happen by chance. Years of experience and craft go into the precise selection of whiskeys used to produce Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel, the latest release from the Jameson Family.

Made from a blend of rich pot still and a small batch grain whiskey, this special whiskey is distilled in small batch quantities on just one occasion each year and is uniquely matured in hand-crafted flamed charred black barrels for the rich smooth Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel taste.

Over the past year, the journey of four crafters has been celebrated at the Jameson Black Barrel Craft Series, a collaborative project between Jameson and some of the brightest lights of the Irish craft community.  For this project James Carroll constructed an intricate, charred trestletable from the staves of a Jameson charred barrel.



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