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And so we have it.¬†Apple Music is the brand’s answer to streaming services;a music-purchasing app, a streaming app, a social network, and a global, 24-hour, live radio station called Beats 1. Its less about digital bits and more about art and discovery. It pays the kids in the bedroom not just the big artists. With handpicked playlists and ‘CONNECT’ , this is about whats next not whats now. Tidal competes on this front too.

Spotify is still the market leader and it is no coincidence that Spotify released new and much improved subscriber numbers directly after the big Apple Music announcement at its World Wide Developer Conference.The service is already making a move towards including video, adding music videos, TV shows and original video content, as well as an electronic jogging program to its mobile app.

Welcome to ‘Streaming Wars’ and the pace just quickened.


The one thing apple always does well is creative. More Apple Music spots here






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